How to Find the Right T-Shirt for your Body Shape

How to Find the Right T-Shirt for your Body Shape

How to Find the Right T-Shirt for your Body Shape

How to Find the Right T-Shirt for your Body Shape
People often tend to forget the simple things in life. A good pair of jeans, a nice coat, and good quality T-shirts. A simple T-shirt can be a deceptively tricky item of clothing to wear. Here's our style guide on how to find the right T-shirt for your body shape.  A perfectly fitting T-shirt is a must in everyone's wardrobe. They are a perfect combination of comfort, ease and style. Despite plain coloured T-shirts being great in themselves they can also act as a blank canvas for any number of patterns, pictures or graphics. This means that it's of the utmost importance that when buying a T-shirt it fits your body shape perfectly. However, this is often easier said than done. Fortunately for you, we have produced this style guide with all the best tips and tricks to finding the best men's T-shirts for your body shape.

Mens T-shirts

The first thing to remember when you're wearing any T-shirt, is that it fits. Despite how obvious this may seem, if you don't know your body shape then it's going to be difficult. Knowing your body shape and measurements is integral to any area of clothing and is something that is definitely worth taking the time to work out. Most retailers only sell T-shirts in generalised sizes such as small, medium and large. Unless you're going to purchase some custom fitted T-shirts, you'll need to know which of these sizes fits you best. When wearing a T-shirt, the seam between your shoulder and arm should sit directly on the joint. If your T-shirt is too small then the seam will be too high up your shoulder, and will probably drag the material up into your armpit. It won't take long for those sweat patches to become noticeable when your shirt sleeves are riding up. Remember this if you want to be wearing the most comfortable T-shirt possible. Knowing which body shape you are will also drastically help you pick the right size T-shirt. Some T-shirt styles might actually hinder your overall look, so check out the guide below and then you can work your way from there.
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Knowing your body shape will also help you to pick the right T-shirt

Best T-shirts for Men

Muscle Fit

Let's be honest, if you've been going to the gym everyday for the last few months to pump iron then you're not going to want and hide that fact. Actually, you're probably wanting to make it as obvious as possible. One of the best ways to do this is by wearing athletic fit T-shirts that will hug your body, emphasising your muscles. Men's slim fit T-shirts can be tricky things to get right. It is therefore important to remember when wearing a tight tee-shirt that you don't just get one that is a size too small. There is a difference. If you get a shirt that is too small for you then the sleeves will ride too far up your bicep and not give your muscles the definition they deserve. Also, this may mean that the T-shirt won't fit properly around your stomach area. It doesn't matter if your swans are looking sick if your belly button is hanging out. Therefore, when getting a muscle fit T-shirt, try and find one that is tight fitting. Purchasing some basic tees in some slightly elasticated cotton will show off your muscles perfectly. This will allow you to wear a T-shirt that fits the correct size of your overall figure whilst emphasising the muscles. Certain retailers, such as Zara, are particularly good at producing cool T-shirts for guys, and are certainly some of the best cotton T-shirts around.
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Baggy T-shirt

Over the last few years, a trend has begun to appear within areas of men's fashion. Generally, T-shirts are tight or close fitting. However, recently people have begun wearing purposefully baggy, and relaxed fitting T-shirts. This can be a great style for someone that wants to have a more comfortable and relaxed outfit, whilst retaining a sense of style. Unfortunately, if you thought getting a stylish baggy T-shirt would be as simple as buying a normal fitting T-shirt a couple of sizes too big, you'd be wrong. Specifically designed baggy T-shirts are proportionate to your body. Buying oversized T-shirts in a size that is too large will inevitably be big in places you don't want it to be. For instance, a normal fitting T-shirt that is too large on you will probably be extremely long, and end up looking like a dress, ultimately making your legs appear shorter. Therefore, when shopping for a baggy T-shirt, make sure you check the label to tell you if it's baggy. When you ask yourself how to wear a men's oversized T-shirt, make sure you think about combining it with some extra slim or skinny trousers. This is, of course, a personal style choice, however, wearing skinnier than normal trousers will emphasise your baggy T-shirt. Contrasting your baggy shirt and tight fitting trousers will show that your baggy shirt is completely intentional. You will get that perfect relaxed, but stylish, look. However, Try avoiding any trousers that are so skinny you're going to be uncomfortable. No one's going to appreciate you rearranging every minute.
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